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3 years ago

Netflix Endgame?


Is the party over for Netlfix?  Many experts think so.  Netflix lost roughly 800,000 clients within the third quarter of 2011. That's 16 Yankee Ballparks packed to capacity. A lot more than the organization has ever lost in a single three-month period. There's a really interesting drama playing out including Netflix as well as their cost boost the implemented a couple of several weeks ago. If this first arrived on the scene that they are separating the DVD mailing portion in the streaming part of their product and prices them separate, effectively raising the cost around the combined services by 60% there is a large backlash using their clients.  The customer service at Netflix is OK at best.  It can take up to 20 minites to talk to a rep on the phone.  Please visit for more discussion on Netflix tech help.

But by monitoring every single customer individually, Netflix can optimize their lifetime value. For instance, they already know should you not constantly rent movies, you’ll cancel eventually. Due to this they added features just like a queue where one can create a listing of all of the movies you need to watch. So once you are done watching a film, they continue delivering you more dvds because you’ve said excitedly what you would like to look at. This is a lot more efficient then getting you login each time once you finish watching one movie and asking Netflix to transmit you another.

If Netflix didn’t be aware of lifetime worth of their customer, they wouldn’t be as huge as they're. Obtaining clients within the video rental space isn’t cheap and in some cases the price exceeds what the organization can make within the first couple of several weeks, otherwise a whole year. But like every wise company, they aren’t afraid to invest money simply because they know their amounts lower towards the cent. The question for you is, are you aware your amounts? Should you choose, then good job on being diligent and looking into it! Otherwise (or if you wish to help make your existence simpler), complete the shape below to understand how KISSmetrics will help you understand your customer lifetime value.
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